Horta Vermelha

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    The apprehension of an object, thought, place, culture, action or emotion through the senses or mind. All that is understood and remembered.

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    As of soil, where most plants set roots. Where most of our food comes from. Where we live and walk upon. Our dearest and unique Planet.

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    Observe the living cycle of growing things. Interact and engage with what is around you. Absorb the richness of the locale, its culture, history and ways of living. Take in the best of this corner of our planet Earth.

Horta Vermelha

Respecting its century-old country history, Horta Vermelha - Rural Tourism has been renovated with care, keeping its uniqueness.

You are in the country, but not isolated.
You will be in control of your time and your feelings, whatever you decide to do.
You may choose to relax in the private comfort of the cottages and surrounding olive and walnut groves.

You may take a day out, exploring the region’s beautiful landscape, world heritage cities, towns and castles.
Or you may go winery hopping, savouring the renowned quality wines.

We invite you to take in the richness of the area with independent spirit, at your own pace. Even if you are in a working mood. Have you imagined being linked to the world under the trees?

You may check each Cottage availability, price, description and amenities in Bookings, following the steps until pressing the "Continue" button.

Please contact us, for more information.

Horta Vermelha is fully Licensed and Registered as "Country Cottages/Rural Tourism" with no. 673 RNT, Portuguese Tourism Board

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