Corners & Map

Besides the enjoyment of the cottages themselves, the farm and its geography provide several simple but significant open air experiences.

You may decide to have a lunch under the shade of the oldest fig tree (100 years-old?), sipping the region's red wine along with a salad seasoned with fresh coriander and the wonderful local olive oil.

You may want to then have a nap at the old St. Luzia fountain, under the largest walnut tree (80 years-old?). Or do you prefer to have a read under the Japanese medlar (60 years-old?), listening to the water stream? Or being near the frogs, toads and salamanders, sitting on the border of the magnificent old pool?

Another possibility is having a walk up the meadow, checking out the oak trees, the cork trees and the three Lebanon cedars that have been planted. There are new plants and new trees coming up.

How about sitting in the middle of the meadow, in the company of three Japanese cherry trees and two almond trees? The view towards North shows you the extension of vineyards disappearing into the horizon.

In the olive and walnut groves you'll find interesting geometries and textures. The old olive grove has trees about 100 years-old. Or is it the over 300 years-old olive tree that will catch your eye?

Throughout the farm you'll find an exceptional diversity of herbs, weeds and flowers, which you thought you'd only find in books!

Further widening your freedom and possibilities in and with the place, you may take your laptop to most of these corners and link to the world with our WIFI internet coverage. Have you thought of working under the fig tree or with your feet in the pool?

We will leave you to it. Enjoy.