Horta Vermelha

  • Names in paint

    The wooden boards with the name of the place, cottages and reception/meeting room were given to us. Until now such wood had long been in the rain, with no use. We thought of other materials, but this one fits best.

  • On the process

    The heavy old door was on its way to be hung. The new Arab-like mattress has just arrived. So had the colourful pillows.

  • And before...

    This is a previous stage in one of the living rooms. Empty. The hoover was the furniture. No colours. Heavy cleaning. The tent-like ceiling was on its way for the first test and installation. See the ropes on the sides?

  • Some time ago

    The Sobreira's Cottage kitchen still hadn't got the red paint, nearly any furniture, or any good lighting. You see some of our working clothes and gloves. The wooden shelves under the sink where already in place.

  • Other kitchen

    This is another stage of the Lódão's Cottage kitchen. The only colours were of the wonderful table and chairs. Tubes and wood scraps. No curtains. No indigo blue wall on the left. No lighting.

  • Meeting room

    This was our basis for painting the furniture, under dry and clean conditions. The recovered fireplace had not been painted then. The old sofas were later refurbished and made new covers. There was no place for the computer, network and wifi stuff, still. No silent fans, either. No table and chairs...uff.

  • Curves

    This is our less straight and probably the oldest and thickest wall. It is painted with whitewash and well kept. It's about 1 meter thick. This is also one of the oldest rooms in the place.

  • A door

    This is a bit of the heavy old wooden door. It had to be red! It is now hanging on a living-room's wall, in a privileged place. It's is securely hung. No worries.

  • No sharp corners

    This is a corner in the Lódão Cottage kitchen. The corners are not sharp. Probably they never were. There are many layers of paint and much erosion. We had some trouble painting them blue.

  • Old gate

    This is a detail of an old gate that stands outside, as decoration. Its wood has been treated and protected, for its maintenance. Iron, wood and many ink layers.

  • Layers of ink

    In many walls and corners, we frequently discover new colours under many layers of whitewash. It shows us that, in other times, the houses were also very colourful. The whitewash keeps past colours untouched.

  • Made new

    This is an example of a bedside table, in one of the rooms. It was found by us and saved from dump storage. We have sanded it and painted it, turning it into a new, beautiful piece.

  • New life

    In all of the rooms, we have added creative hangers. These are made from more than 30-year old vines. Their wood has been treated, sanded and varnished, as if continuing their long lasting life.

  • Indigo blue

    This is one of the original pigments used in the region. This is the ceiling of the WC at Lódão Cottage. It's light is wonderfully relaxing. Lots of patience, though, to make it right.

  • New uses

    The pink puff filling is an adaptation from an old wool mattress. Its future was very uncertain before. The table top has come from an unused door. It was cut in two parts, giving us two tables, for each living room.

Recovering & Reusing

Our philosophy has been to reuse, refurbish and recover things from the cottages themselves and from other places, such as many doors, chairs or tables. Many wooden materials have been given a paint cover, with varnish or wax, to make things fully integrated in the organic and personalised feel of the place.

We also made several things ourselves, such as the low consumption lamps in the kitchens, living-rooms and rooms.

This has meant time and effort to make things as they are now, producing minimum waste and maximum comfort for our guests.

Along this spirit, inside the houses we have kept the traditional whitewash, for its good properties in keeping the old adobe walls.

For the indigo blue or oxide red colours, we've used the pigments that have been used in the region for ages, mixed with the whitewash.

The ceilings are also either of wooden beams and timber boards, or made of the original terracotta bricks. Also for the floors, we have kept the old materials and stone as possible.

All of this adds up to colour, charm and atmosphere, in harmony with an organic feel. Unobtrusive and well integrated modern details have been added for thermal efficiency and comfort.

Most of the feel is of uniqueness, history and personality. Now you may also be part of the new history of these old cottages.

We show you some photos of these particular parts in the cottages and also a bit of the work in preparing them. We know that, most often, these past moments of hard work and dirt are not shown. But these were also part of the new history of the place. There were very good moments, but also hard ones, with many surprises on the way.