Around Borba


Horta Vermelha is located in Borba, in the Alto Alentejo region of Portugal, an area many call the "Provence" of Portugal. It is just few tens of kilometers from Évora to the West, and from Elvas to the East, in-between two important UNESCO World Heritage sites: 10km to Estremoz, 26km to Elvas, 4km to Vila Viçosa, 50km to Monsaraz, 55km to Évora, or 70km to Portalegre.

The vast plains of the Alentejo (roughly the size of a country such as Belgium) sweep between the Algarve and Lisbon. It is a countryside of endless plains doted by olive trees, cork trees and great vineyards.  Many say that it is still the last undiscovered destination wonder in Europe.

The Alentejo is a rural idyll with historical and picturesque whitewash towns, atmospheric hilltop castles and not to be missed clear starry nights. Much of this patrimony (including World Heritage sites) is worth seeing, grasping, smelling and tasting.

It is also a region of significative agricultural production, for high-quality wines and exquisite olive oil. Its tourism is still opening to the World, but many from far away have discovered and fell in love with a new place for home.

We have a role in showing you this and in bringing you here, as a responsible traveler.

Seasons and Colour

The fields take strikingly different colours each season, in sunny Mediterranean scenery with African resemblances, under wonderfully deep blue skies.

In Spring, the wildflowers bloom harmoniously in beautiful perfusion. The wide prairies and rolling hills are carpeted with the colours of an Impressionist’s painting – poppies, ox-eye daisies, buttercups and purple viper’s bugloss, among many others.

In Summer, the sun and heat turn olive groves and cork trees deep green, while vineyards retain their bright green leaves hiding juicy grapes. The fields acquire a magical beautiful golden yellow colour.

Autumn days bring pleasantly warm and restful shades of red, yellow and green. The red vineyards seem to still rule.

The Winter nights are best enjoyed by the cosiness of a wood burner, resting after a day out in the bright glorious sunny days! During this time of the year you see more soil and short grass. The olive-tree crowns seem to form small puffy balls among the barren, naked vines.


The Cottages are just in the outskirts of Borba, on a side country-road.

The town's oldest part, in the centre, is made of whitewash medieval houses and narrow streets. Orange trees are dots along the main streets, on the marble-cobblestone pavements. There are also wonderful Baroque treasures and an impressive marble fountain in the town's Park.

The town is very close to World Heritage such as Évora, many world-renown wine cellars, a Natural Park (São Mamede), the Great Lake (Alqueva) and magnificent palaces and castles (Vila Viçosa, Estremoz, Evoramonte, Avis, Elvas, Monsaraz).

On Thursday and Sunday mornings you can always take advantage of the local produce at the farmers' market in the centre of Borba. On Saturday mornings in Estremoz (10km away) there is a not to be missed vibrant and colourful food and antiques market in the main square.

The Cottages are also fortunate to have an excellent supermarket at walking distance. Other important facilities (pharmacist, bank, post office, etc) are also located in Borba's town centre to your convenience.